BRISTLEBOT – BRUSHBOT – VIBROBOTS – Beam Robots – (DO IT Yourself Science Activity KIT)

A bristlebot or brushbot is an extremely simple form of walking robot. It is one of the simplest of all mobile robots, both in its function and its construction. As a result of this ease of construction, they have become popular projects at the school science fair level. Bristle bots are simple, tiny robots that buzz around like bugs. They are easy to build and fun to play with and you do not need any previous experience with robotics to make one. You can even build two bristle bots and race them against each other. Once completed, they buzz along the top of a table like bugs

Ignite interest in subject and inculcate a scientific attitude. Motivates out-of-box thinking imagination and inquisitive mind. It channelizes energy of children in a focussed direction. Great Gift, as Prize /award in Schools, Birthday Party & functions. Complete assembly instructions with easy Language and Photographs.
All of Junior Scientist products are unique and handmade. We work by designs and Endeavour to create like products. However the very nature of being individually designed by hand gives raw finishing of the projects since it should look that students have created on its own.

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