(Bengali medium) Sahoj Paribarik Ayurvedic Chikitsha Bengali medical

Medicines made from Indian plants, used by our wise rishis from the period of vedas, have been discussed here. Needless to say, any Indian’s character, and physical and mental well-being, is naturally, in tune with, ayurveda, as he descends from that, even without his knowing…. EVERY HOME NEEDS THIS BOOK. An ordinary intelligent man without any special skills, can select and apply medicines for himself. Every home will find the book useful. What is important here, is that, medicines discussed in this book, are available in your nearby ayurvedic shops, like DABUR, BAIDYANATH AND SADHANA OUSADHALAYA. No other book in the market, in Bengali language, is capable to give so much information in understandable way, on Ayurveda-cure in so little space. FOR EVERY HOUSEHOLD THIS IS AN ESSENTIAL AND PERMANENT ASSET, FOR, ONCE YOU BUY A BOOK, IT WILL STAY WITH YOU FOR NEXT 10/15/20 YEARS.

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