Bella Herbs Panty Liners, 60 Pieces (Verbena)

Style name: Verbena, bella herbs is the european brand of breathable sanitary napkins and panty liners with herbal extracts for natural sooting and healing.Imported from Europe
Bella herbs verbena is unique line of panty liners enriched with the herbal extract of verbena known for its anti โ€“ inflammatory properties, it softens irritations and regulates the menstrual cycle
Gentle lemon scent soothes the senses and relieves nervous tension
100 percent breathability ensures free air circulation and keeps your skin health
Panty liners recommended for everyday use, but also in case of discharges, spotting between periods, first and last days of period, during pregnancy and with tampons as an additional protection
Exceptionally soft cover
Discreet, only 1 mm thick
Magic gel โ€“ panty liners with increased absorbency
Odour stop protect against unpleasant smell
Premium line of panty liners manufactured and imported from Europe

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