ATLAS: TECHNIQUES OF AYURVEDIC MASSAGE DÁTÁ SNÉHAN: Ayurvedic Therapy for Ligaments, Tendons, Muscles and Joints

This is the photo atlas of the Ayurvedic massage techniques called Data Snehan. Originally developed for athletes to help them achieve prime physical condition, these massage techniques have been adapted by the author for people in modern times who suffer from disorders in the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints due to habits such as sitting in chairs or driving cars too long or too often. In Ayurvedic terms, Data Snehan massage is designed to alleviate Vata dosha imbalance and to achieve ideal physical mobility. This book, entirely made up of over 120 color explanatory photos with captions in English, French, Czech and Sanskrit, shows massage techniques for every part of the human body. Because this book is an atlas of photos and captions, it should be considered as a complement to, and not as a substitute for, practical techniques and training in Ayurvedic massage.

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