ARYAN Enterprises Adjustable Multi-Function 4spring Chest Expander/Chest Developer/Muscle Pulling Exerciser/Muscle Workout Stretcher Home & Gym Equipment for Men and Women (Random Color)

ARYAN Enterprises Presenting a product for fitness and strength training at your home or office.Used for home, office even take it out for travel, camping, hiking, etc. Used for chest expanding, shoulder, arms, upper back, can easily help build muscle fast.Ergonomic design handles provide a comfortable grip. Anti-skid surface to prevent your hand from falling off the chest exerciser. This unique product can tone your back muscles, reduce belly fat, improve blood circulation and also improves your body posture. It increases the stamina, energy and vitality of the body. You can exercise in different ways using this Pulling Exerciser: Pull overhead helps broaden upper back, pull behind back helps build arms and holders, holdout stretch to sides helps strengthen upper back and arms etc.

Note: 1. Check handle and hose connections are secure before use. 2. Can not stretch hard object friction, stretching the length of not more than three times the length of the hose.

Simple structure is easy to be taken to the office, gym, camping or traveling, doing exercise anywhere, any time.
Adjustable : 5 Springs, Removable Spring. You Can Automatically Remove One Spring or Add One Spring at Any Time to Get Different Tension.
This chest expander is versatile exercise equipment for performing a whole range of exercises in a minimum space.

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