Amazara Baby Proofing Edge and Corner Guards | 6. 5Ft Edge + 4 Pre-Taped Corner Protectors | Child Safety Furniture Cushions | Brown

Baby proof your home

Childproof your home and say goodbye to worries and anxiety you feel when babies and toddle

MINI PACK: This Mini pack comes with an installation guide and includes 2 meters (6.5Ft) Edge Roll and 4 Pre-taped Corner Cushions which fits most standard size furniture. You can cut the edge cushions to fit your furniture measurements. Brown color blends with all types of wooden and glass furniture.
INDUSTRY STANDARD PREMIUM 3M TAPE: The pack includes industry standard 3M Tape which is built to be strong even in the toughest conditions, is easy-to-peel and provides secure adhesion. A roll of double-sided tape is included for Edge rolls. Corner Cushions are pre-taped for the convenience of use.
DOOR STOPPER: Flexible C Shape foam door stopper is perfect for protecting the little hands and fingers of your baby, toddler, or child from getting pinched or jammed due to a door closing. It’s easy to attach and fits around any size door.
RELIABILITY – Amazara edge protectors won’t damage furniture and are easy to remove.
SAFETY CERTIFIED: Amazara edge and corner protector uses the safest and purest raw materials made from NON-TOXIC, ECO-FRIENDLY CHILD SAFE rubber. These childproof bumpers contain Soft Impact-absorbing Foam, NBR, No BPA, No Phthalates

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