ALMURAT Migraine Hat Pain Relief Devices For Men and Women For Health Care Devices Wearable Ice Hat To Reduce Migraine Headache Pain

Features: 1. Quick cooling and soothing relief 2. Adjustable one size fits all 3. Hands-free—use at home, work, in car 4. Removable and Reusable Flexible ice packs 5. Cryo-gel Ice Packs stay cold up to 4 hours 6. Pull over eyes and ears to block light and sound 7. Adjust tight or loose to target pressure points 8. Migraine hat – wearable ice hat to reduce migraine headache pain the migraine hat is an ingenious new product for people who suffer from the debilitating pain of migraine. Package Includes: 1 x Migraine Hat

Quick cooling and soothing relief for migraine and other headache disorders.
Adjustable one size fits all, with removable and reusable ice packs.
Easily Adjust Tight Or Loose To Target Pressure Points And Create Compression.
Cryo-gel ice packs have individual ice cubes for acupressure.

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