Alchemy and Metallic Medicines in Ayurveda

Book Summary of Alchemy And Metallic Medicines In Ayurveda In view of the growing popularity of Ayurveda in India and abroad, there is a growing Demand from students, Teachers and Research workers for Books on different aspects of this unique system of Life-Science in a non-technical and easily understandable language, particularly in English Alchemy (transmutation of ordinary Mercury into gold, etc ). which is considered to be a Myth in the West was in practice in this Country much before 5th cent B C and it was practically demonstrated in Delhi in the presence of some leading personalities only a few years back Metals and minerals which are very toxic when taken internally in unprocessed form, are made absolutely non-toxic and therapeutically very potent A killer-poison is converted into a healer nectar by special processes and these processed metals and minerals and their preparations are used by Ayurvedic Physicians for the treatment of Diseases with absolute confidence since thousands of years Unlike some of the Synthetic and so called wonder Drugs of the present day the Ayurvedic metallic preparations have no undetected slow poisoning effect Instead of side (toxic) Effects these metallic preparations produce side Benefits While they cure some of the obstinate and otherwise incurable diseases they rejuvenate the body and promote longevity Thus these are useful for both patients and healthy persons. This book describes details of the methods prescribed in Texts and followed by manufacturers as well as physicians for Processing the metals and minerals including Gems levels and poisonous vegetable products along with the basic Physico-Chemical as well as Philosophical concepts for these students teacher’s scientists and intellectuals. About the Author Vaidya Bhagwan Dash had an outstandingly brilliant Academic career. He holds a master’s degree and a doctorate from Delh

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