Advind Healthcare Anti Allergy N95 Mask (Blue)

N95 mask with one valve. It can be used by both men and women. Unlike other N99 fashion mask products available in the market this mask brings to you unparalleled in respiratory protection. The product is specifically for heavy dust and smog areas. The special filters used inside protect users from fine dust, pollutants released from petrol, diesel and pollen in the air during season. What makes the mask unique is the activated carbon filter that has been treated with silver to provide you higher protection against mold, spores. This technology is widely used by the American military in the masks used in combat conditions where experience biological and chemical gases on a daily basis. The carbon layer is extremely powerful to block all such odors and gases in the air from entering into your lungs.N95 Mask with ONE VALVE.
Multiple layers of protection inside. Specially designed for Indian conditions of high dust and smog. Special filters with extended dust holding capacity gives extended life to the mask use.
Adjustable nose clip that helps fit the mask on the face and prevents any leakage of pollutants into the mask.
This mask comes with extremely powerful carbon layer inside to block bad odors in the air, particulate pollution and it’s treated with tulsi and need to kill pathogens etc. on contact.
Filtering performance of pollution particles including PM10, PM2.5 and even PM 0.3 microns

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