Advance MuscleMass High Protein Mass Gainer Supplement Powder (Chocolate) – 1 Kg / 2. 2 Lb

Price: INR 1,500.00 - INR 799.00
(as of Jan 10,2020 20:55:51 UTC – Details)

MuscleMass Mass Gainer is the mass gainer from the portfolio of MuscleMass. Blended with Best whey concentrate protein imported from USA companies, Creatine and Glutamine and fat derivatives. It is best suited for beginners as well as serious mass gain training. High quality complex carbohydrates restrict the sudden rise in blood sugar levels. High calories and rich proteins boost muscle development. 27 vital nutrients present in this supplement stimulate bio-chemical reactions to quench muscle fatigue after exercise. Supplement has added Creatine to improve the endurance and strength. MuscleMass Mass gainer has best Chocolate flavor, Vanilla flavor and Strawberry flavor which are the best among the protein supplements available in the market. NO SIDE EFFECTS, SAFE TO CONSUME. USE SHAKER TO MIX IT WITH WATER or MILK.Contains Whey concentrate as the only protein source and Popular Chocolate Flavor.
42.9 G Protein, 140.7 G Carbs (per 6 servings) and 22 Vitamins & Minerals, Advantage of Creatine and Glutamine and added Digestive Enzymes
Boost muscle recovery after workout, help to gain weight and musclemass.
Take 200-250 mL water/milk, use shaker or hand blender to make homogeneous blend.
Should be taken with breakfast, post workout and before going to sleep OR recommended by Trainer. Consume 3 times a day with your normal diet at least 1 month regularly to see weight and muscle mass gain effect.

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