Adina’s Handbag (Girl With Yarn Book 11)

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(as of Jan 10,2020 09:55:09 UTC – Details)

Though the market is full of adorable handbags, there is one problem: most of them are mass produced, which means that many of us can identify exactly where they came from. To make matters worse, this mass production of cute bags and purses means that at least two of your friends have a cute bag that is identical to your own. It’s hard to feel unique and expressive when everyone around you is carrying the same bag!
Never fear: the key to individuality and uniqueness is here. This easily to customize handbag knitting pattern produces a final result that is cute, practical, original, and best of all, entirely and uniquely yours. Gone are the days of mixing up your bag with your best friends’. Gone, too, are the days of sheepishly admitting that your cute knitted handbag was snagged off the clearance shelves at a department store. When asked about the origin story of your new knitted handbag, you can tell a tale of creativity, artistry, and hard labor.
… And best of all, the ‘hard labor’ aspect of your handbag’s birth story will be a total exaggeration, because this pattern couldn’t make the job easier. The stitch used for this pattern is one of the easiest to master- the garter stitch, which is doable even for those who fancy themselves beginners/amateurs/knitting underdogs. The only aspect of handbag assembly that may be difficult for newbies is the sewing aspect. Some parts of this handbag have to be sewn together after you have finished knitting them, so if your sewing skills are a little rusty, you may want to practice or grab a friend who can help you out. This knitted handbag is made using small sized needles, which will create the dense, sturdy fabric required to keep your wallet, snacks, and lip balm tucked safely away. This simple pattern produces an end result that is the perfect size for a day of errands or social outings- it’s big enough to hold your wallet, keys, sunglasses, and a granola bar, but small enough that you will not have to wrestle with it every minute of the day. We like to use red, black, and grey to create a classy, feminine look, but you should feel free to use whatever color acrylic yarn your little heart desires. Knitted handbags, after all, are the perfect way to express yourself in a world of mass-produced goods and accessories.

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