Adhunik Ayurvedic Patent Chikitsa Charts (updated 2019)

DEHATI PUSTAK BHANDAR THIS BOOK IS BASED ON KITCHEN AND HOME BASED MEDICINE. Here is something what we have from past 100’s of years. In today’s life what object we can say is healthy. Milk – Injection to Cow to increase milk. Banana – put banana in heavy ice to get it ready. Pulses – Polished, Chemicals to increase production. Wheat – Chemical Fertiliser Used. We all know about Vegetables. We are thinking we are eating good but actually not. A food is a strongest form of Medicine but at home we cook food in pressure cooker or in microwave just to save our time and our efforts.So we are taking slow Poisson. We should follow our Ayurveda to live a healthy life.We Indians have all these information from early age, But the only irony is we will follow that when a US Research Team will found that what we were having hundred years back.Here I found the complete research about our health what that”US Research Team” has found yet and what they will find in coming years. This Book Focuses on Ayurveda, daily habits, change your life as per Ayurveda for Healthy Life, Medicine, Healthy Living & Wellness, Natural Health, Science of Ayurveda, Self healing, Ayurvedic Knowledge, Self Care, Home Remedies, Kitchen Remedies, Healthy India, Body Nutrition, About Tri Dosha, daily diet, Swadeshi Chikitsa, Without Doctor, Secert methods and Principals of Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Cooking, Prevention of Disease, Ayurvedic Cookbook, Child Care Book / Child Helthcare book.

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