Action Pro Floating Bobber Hand Grip Handle Monopod Screw with Strap Compatible with All GoPro SJCAM Yi Eken 4k Action Camera (Yellow)

Product Description


Action Pro Professional floating hand grip handle mount, it is designed for GoPro SJCAM Yi Eken 4k Action Camera.Float designed can keep your camera float on the water with a waterproof shell, LCD backpack, battery backpack, wi-fi backpack, dive housing or other parts of the case.


Ultrasonic Welding Technology Processed Specifications




Capacity: digital camera GoPro.Sjcam camera interface: universal 1 screw.

Folded height 155 mm (approx)Main function: floats the whole camera with housing while its dropped in water

Shiny yellow color, easy to find.Designed to save your camera if dropped in the water, it doubles as a hand grip and a floating device


Package Include:

1 x Bobber1 x Screw1 x Strap

Protection: Waterproof camera floating handle grip is designed to keep your underwater camera with a waterproof shell (not included) on the water surface and prevent it from drowning.
For Water Sports: Bright yellow color makes your 4k action camera easy to be spotted in water. Good for underwater photographing, such as sea diving, snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, surfing and other water sports activities.
Portable Pocket-size and lightweight – The action camera floating hand grip only weighs 70 grams and can be used both on land and under water.

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