Abbzorb Nutrition Mass Gainer with Digestive Enzymes, 1 Kg, Chocolate Flavour

Price: INR 1,199.00 - INR 729.00
(as of Jan 23,2020 06:59:09 UTC – Details)

Abbzorb Nutrition’s Mass Gainer is a high quality mass gainer with added Digestive Enzymes. Abbzorb Mass Gainer contains complex carbohydrate and protein in optimum ratio of 3:1. Our product is packed in a GMP compliant facility that is FSSC 22000 certified. All high care areas are temperature and humidity controlled to ensure highest level of quality and safety. Abbzorb Mass Gainer has a composition of digestive enzymes, dietary fiber, all important vitamins and minerals which provides balanced nutrition. Each 100g (recommended dose) of Abbzorb Nutrition’s Mass Gainer provides 378Kcal, 72 grams of Carbohydrates and 20 grams of protein. Insulin cycle gets driven by fast acting carbohydrates in Abbzorb Mass Gainer, helping amino acid to reach muscles for it’s building and recovery. Relish Abbzorb Mass Gainer in chocolate flavour as protein shake before and after workout.✅HIGH QUALITY MASS GAINER- Abbzorb Nutrition’s Mass Gainer helps to gain lean muscles and supports muscle building and recovery. This Mass Gainer is formulated with complex carbohydrates and protein in ratio 3:1 for optimum nutrition.
✅ADDED DIGESTIVE ENZYMES – Your Abbzorb Mass Gainer contains added Digestive Enzymes. This helps in easy ingestion/anabolism of protein.
✅WHEY PROTEIN (MANUFACTURED IN USA)- Abbzorb Mass Gainer uses fast absorbing ultra-filtered whey protein concentrate imported from USA- most pure, clean and natural whey protein powder.
✅MEET YOUR DAILY GOALS- The recommended doses (3 servings daily) of Abbzorb Mass Gainer provides you with 1134 Kcal along with 6.75 grams of naturally occurring Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), five high protein sources, dietary fibres, vital Vitamins and Minerals may help you recover from muscle fatigue.
✅EASY AVAILABILITY OF AMINO ACIDS – Insulin Cycle gets driven by high carbohydrates. This facilitate availability of amino acids to the muscles for it’s development.

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