Abbzorb Nutrition L-Glutamine Powder; 250 g

Abbzorb L-Glutamine is an unflavoured, naturally occurring amino acid, leading to synthesis of protein. Hence, preventing protein catabolism and makes Glutamine available for other body cells. Our product is manufactured in a GMP compliant facility that is FSSC 22000 certified. All high care areas are temperature and humidity controlled to ensure highest level of quality and safety. Each Serving of Abbzorb L-Glutamine provides 5 grams of pure Glutamine, which is required for optimal performance during intense workout. This is important as Glutamine level tends to deplete throughout heavy exercise. For bodybuilding enthusiast Abbzorb L- Glutamine serves to boost immune system as Glutamine is a primary energy source for immune system. Abbzorb L-Glutamine is an unsweetened, unflavoured glutamine supplement. It is gluten-free and does not contain any added fillers or preservatives.✅HELPS IN PROTEIN SYNTHESIS- Abbzorb L-Glutamine helps in protein synthesis during heavy workout as it’s an unflavoured, natural and rich amino acid supplement.
✅BOOSTS IMMUNE SYSTEM- One serving of Abbzorb L-Glutamine delivers 5 grams of 100% Glutamine powder. This is primary source of energy for immune system which is required during heavy workouts to boost immune system.
✅FOR OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE- Daily dose of Abbzorb L-Glutamine is necessary as depletion of glutamine effects strength, stamina and muscle recovery, which further effects our optimal physical performance.
✅PERFECT MIX- Mix Abbzorb L-Glutamine unflavoured with your favourite beverage early morning or post-workout for best results.
✅PURE GLUTAMINE POWDER – No added preservatives, fillers, sucrose or colors. Only 100% L-glutamine.

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