Aahara : Ancient Secret of Diet in Ayurveda & Yoga

This book addresses the theory and practical aspect of Ayurved Dietetic and explains in details about Aahara and its practical approach in day to day life. People of non Ayurved field write about Ayurved Dietetics but few persons show interest in book writing on the subject of Ayurved Dietetic. Author’s intervention is to illuminate a bright future about the practice of Ayurved dietetics and motivate Ayurved physicians, students to maintain the health and treat the diseases through one of the sub-pillar which is described thoroughly by our Acharyas. This book addresses the nuts and bolts and analytical side of Ayurved Dietetics. Its intent is to clear the haze surrounding the concepts of Ayurved dietetics by describing the fundamental principles of Aahara. Yoga science also described about importance of Aahara with concept of Trigunatmaka Aahaar (Satvika, Rajasa and Tamasa Aahara), Yoga also give importance of diet in the path of salvation. The concept & material in this book is both broad and deep in relation to Aahara. The text is presented in the way that should make it accessible to even a layman. It is also a suitable textbook for undergraduate and postgraduate students, medical officers. It is said that books are never finished, but that they are just abandoned.Concept of Diet and Dietetics in Ayurveda & Yoga
Ayurvedic Diet & Ayurveda Pulse Science
Rajeev Dixit Vagbhat Charak Susruta Healty lifestyle
Ayurveda healing, Food Nutrition Ayurveda
Diet therapy & yoga

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